Dr. Rodney C. Brunson, D.O. » Pain Management & Medication Specialist in New Jersey

Dr. Rodney Brunson, DOQuestions about pain top the list for reasons patients visit Dr. Rodney C. Brunson, D.O.. The regular use of pain medications should make sense and not leave unanswered questions. If you have questions about pain medication and your specific CHRONIC PAIN, then call my office for an appointment to discuss it further.

CHRONIC PAIN requires the attention of a physician. Left untreated, it will affect your activities of daily living in numerous negative ways, including your employment situation. CHRONIC PAIN is often misunderstood and sometimes just not believed by others. I will do what I can to address the cause of your CHRONIC PAIN. I will work with you to keep you on the job earning a living. My patients are monitored regularly, and tested for proper usage of medications. As my patient, you will get my full attention every visit and always receive my personal care.

Rodney Brunson, D.O. is a Board Certified Family Physician treating chronic pain, chronic pain medication management. He treats complications that may occur from chronic pain medications. He also provides treatment of chemical abuse and chronic pain medication misuse and abuse.