Medical Marijuana Program

Written by Dr. Rodney C Brunson

Dr. Rodney C. Brunson, D.O., FASAM, is Board Certified in both Family Medicine with Osteopathic Manipulative Therapy and Addiction Medicine. Among other things, he treats chronic pain, chronic pain medication management and maintenance of pain medications. He treats addictions from ages 16 and older and Family Adult medicine.

Marijuana Today   (Medicinal marijuana aka, MMJ)


When it comes to using MMJ today, one may be pleased to know that

You don’t have to smoke it and you don’t have to get high anymore

When I mention this to my baby boomer patients that you can relax because one doesn’t have to get high or smoke Marijuana  anymore to get the relief from (pain, anxiety, seizures, Parkinson’s, migraine, PTSD, uterine pain), just to name a few.  My patients are absolutely relieved to hear that. They are not interested in getting high or inhaling smoke.  “Back in the day” one was limited in consumption choices. Either draw it into your lungs through your airways and feel the hot burning smoke, a cough sometimes then the particles from the paper or leaf deposit on the lung tissues (doesn’t sound like fun at all) 

I applaud them.  Now some persons do want to only use it for the psychoactive effects (getting high) and some only want to smoke it (or vape it).  There are the connoisseurs of fine marijuana (they are critical, but expert, about its color/shape of buds/color/smell/smoke) and their medical condition.  But what if you used MJ in the 60’s or early 70’. You probably over consumed it and became very intoxicated and had to just go to sleep for a while until it wore off.  That psychoactivity (getting stoned) may have been so strong that you vowed to never try it again (what was I thinking? back then ) . Fast forward 40, 50 years and you still feel the same. You have the same anxiety and aversion to it.  No way will you get close to that MJ again you promised. 

But give this natural, and, in my opinion, this sacred herb a second chance! A second look.  There are multiple ways to get the active therapeutic plant cannabinoids (CBD, THC) into your systems circulation).  When you go to the dispensary ask the “Buddtender ” ( not bartender ) about marijuana infused oils. With this you can put drops under your tongue where it will be absorbed into your blood. Or ask for Lozenges which you may suck on, chew, or break it into pieces.  You may purchase infused mints.  This is nothing new but you can mix the dry leaf into brownie mix, cookie mix, regular butter, cocoa butter, and many more foods.  You may buy (or make it yourself, my recommendation) creams, salves, or lotions.  These you do not have to combust (or light up) .  These are the healthiest ways to consume medicinal marijuana. 

So we have established that one doesn’t have to smoke marijuana if you choose not to.  But what about getting high?

What do you get from this plant as a human: “THC and CBD “(or some variation of them ).  That’s it.  Most CBD goes to the body (not getting you high) and the THC goes to the brain (correct, getting you high).

NOT getting high is now an option.  (Unless getting high is your choice). If you use CBD with a tiny bit of THC (less than 0.3) as seen in hemp, you will absolutely not get high.

Absolutely impossible. It just won’t happen.  CBD is not psychoactive.  You can get CBD from on line, some pharmacies, some doctors offices or dispensaries, smoke shops, you name it.  The dispensaries carry CBD with a ratio of CBD: THC know as a hybrid (my recommendation).   One can make or buy topicals.  These rarely penetrate deep enough to get to your circulation.   It penetrates to the CB2 receptor layer in the skin.   Salves rubbed on the sore spots, arthritic joints, itch from insect bites, psoriasis, give you relief with one or repeated applications. It takes about five applications to reach a constant level in the local area. 

So smoking (or combusting) marijuana is not the only option. 


 This is less harmful than smoking.  

Vaping isn’t smoking (think of clouds) One inhales the vapor from the heated oil or leaf material. There is no sediment, only heat.  Your airway will still react.  It may make you cough and one may get a type of smokers cough or bronchitis.  This will typically not occur if one uses just a small amount, just a little puff or two at a time. 

Dispensaries do not use additives like vitamin E acetate in vape solutions or plant materials.  Dispensary vape solutions or dry herb is regularly inspected by state authorized agencies. They want to confirm that what’s on the container is in the container and nothing else.  Only safe substances.

But some baby boomers do not want to smoke or vape.  Use lozenges, mints, salves, or oils instead.  But if getting high cannot be avoided, then try some lozenges but they are strong, just take them and go to bed, or use the flower or vape and go to bed.  You will get a good night’s sleep.

This is not medical advice please speak with your doctor before you try MMJ. 

Rodney Clay Brunson, DO, FASAM